Schmutz Technology - Louisville, Kentucky

Engineering & Manufacturing Machinery


Our team of experienced engineers can reverse engineer parts for our Schmutz Equipment or create new parts as needed.


We can fully restore and or repair your Schmutz Equipment. This includes but is not limited to the dies, printers, rollers, and presses.


Have a Schmutz Technology that needs regular maintenance? You can ship or bring your machine to us or our team can come to you.

Below is some of the equipment that we develop, maintain, and repair.

Web Printing Presses

Woodgrain Printer & Embosser

Moulding Printer

Hot Knife Cutting System

Hand Bag Printing Press

Furniture Printers

Foil Separators

Finishing Equipment

Embossing Press for Wood Carvings

Coating Lines

Color Embosser

Automatic Cut & Fold

About Schmutz Technology

Schmutz Companies were established in 1897 as an international manufacturer of bag, textile, paper, film foil and other material industries. The company is currently owned and operated by Hancock Machine & Tool in Louisville, Kentucky and continues to offer creation, design, and repair of our machines.

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